Baby Storybook March Course


Tell your baby’s story now and you will cherish it for a lifetime

Webinar / Lecture Runs: March 4th, March 11th, & March 18th, at 7:00 pm

Be the first to learn how to create a Baby Storybook. What does this mean for you?

Learn how to create a unique yet classic storybook that you can have for the rest of your life. At the end of this course, you will have a professional beautiful baby storybook that is even more meaningful than that baby book very few of us were able to start or finish. I’ll show you how to tell your baby’s story, being there every step of the way with the three week webinar / lecture and exclusive video tutorials. I will also share with you three baby storybook templates that I personally created. And if you aren’t happy, I will refund your purchase 100%. 

I won’t be offering this course at this price for long. Sign up today while there are seats available. Max course capacity 30 people.

May I help you tell your baby’s story?

Baby Storybook Timeline:

March 1st | Week 1 | Start

March 8th | Week 2 | Log into Mixbook

March 15 | Week 3 | Photo Selection & Input

March 22 | Week 4 | Write your Baby’s Story!

March 29 | Week 5 | Finish and Order!

Lecture Dates:

Live Stream Via Youtube:

March 4th @ 7:00 pm

March 11th @ 7:00 pm

March 18th @ 7:00 pm

March 31 / Course Survey