Baby’s First Year

Tell their story now and you will cherish it for a lifetime

Start Their Story Today!

There are so many pictures in our lives, right? But have you ever tried deleting those pictures? Why is it so hard? We love the pictures because they are attached to a significant story or memory. The moment mattered otherwise you would not have taken the picture. But the problem, you see, that moment means little if not nothing to everyone else. But, tell me the story, tell me what led up to that moment, tell me where you are, tell me the circumstances around that picture, tell me the story, and suddenly I am invested into the picture, too.

I had the same problem in my own life. My phone and computer were filling up with pictures, and I had no way of putting them to good use. One day, I had a thought. What if put my photos in a photo-book? I did, but the pictures just looked beautiful. They were still pointless. Nobody cared. They picked up the book, flipped through it, and set it down without making saying a word. So I had another thought. What if I put a story to the photo-book? What if I made a photo-story-book? The result was immediate. The pictures meant something to other people. They engaged with the book. 

In the storybook lab, I will teach you how to create an elegant, simple, beautiful storybook. I will teach you what has taken me years to learn. At the end of this course, you will have a beautiful photo storybook telling the story of your baby’s first year. You will create a story that you will be able to share with your child, and grandchildren, and generations to come.

May I help you tell your baby’s story?


Self-Starter Package
  • Lab Manual (PDF)


No Hassle Package
  • Lab Manual (PDF)
  • Storybook Plan (PDF)
  • Complete Storybook Course
  • 3 Add and Drop Storybook Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Step by step Instructional Videos
  • Customer Support/Consultation
  • Picture review & assessment
  • Lilly Labs assembles, organizes, & purchases your storybook
  • Gives you the account information to print more books from distributor