Heather and I have been spending the last few days this month getting ready to complete a couple baby storybooks. Though Haven is 6 months, we want to stay on top of our photos. This is one of the photos going in his photo book. For me, this picture sparks joy!


Digital clutter discourages all of us. How many of us have thousands of pictures stuffed on flash drives and memory sticks. With the digital revolution, those pictures are taking up so much space that is it becoming too overwhelming to deal with them. I recently read a book called Spark Joy, where the author helped people declutter their lives.


The main premise of the book was to only keep things that spark joy in your heart. And, if they spark joy, put that joy in a place where you’ll see it or encounter it on a regular basis. What do you do with the rest of your photos? Throw them out. You won’t miss those pictures. In fact, those pictures may be keeping us from really enjoying them. We use that “one day” mantra. “One day I may need this.” So we stuff it away. For most that “one day” will never come. I got tired of “One day” thinking. I decided that it was time to put our photos in place where we could enjoy them


My mother demonstrated this to me early on. Photos spark joy in my mother. So she keeps tens of photo albums on bookshelves in her living room. If you walk into my mother’s home, you’ll see right away what sparks joy for her… family. This photo storybook class is just the beginning. Image the joy of seeing your long lost pictures displayed. Imagine bumping into long lost memories on a daily basis. You don’t have to join my storybook group starting in March. But this free bit of advice to you is to go through your pictures and only keep those that spark joy. And if you do, I believe with all my heart that you will find joy. 

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