So my storybook class starts in a couple days. I’m sharing this idea on Facebook because it is an adventure. I want you, my friends, to hold me accountable, to ask how I’m doing in success or failure. 

March Storybook Class!

Look at this photo I took of my son eating taffy at Lark Toys. LaVonne and Grace had so much fun walking through the largest toy store I have ever seen. They were truly kids in a candy store! But… I have pictures of that day that I’ve never shared. Photos locked on my phone. How many photos do I have stashed away in unseen storage? Thousands. And what’s going to happen to all those pictures? 


If anything, I want people to tell their stories. Share their stories. You have no idea how beautiful and precious they are… even told imperfectly. Remember the Pixar film Inside Out? Remember when Joy falls into the memory dump? The scene is dire. Memory after memory fades around her. She desperately tries to save the memories that mean the most to her, but she’s too late, and they fade. I cried during that point in the film. I held my daughter tight. I knew that I couldn’t hold on to every memory… but I wanted to hold on this memory: this memory of when we went on our father daughter date to Inside Out and daddy cried because he loved spending time with you. 



Yes, I’m asking people to join a class. I’m asking people to pay $50 so that they’ll actually finish the class and create a storybook that will be in their family for the rest of their life. Because what if I can help people fill their homes up with beautiful stories? What if I can help bring a smile to a grandmothers face? What if I can help you resurrect those bright and precious moments and bind them up in a beautiful storybook? I think I can. I can help people tell their stories… before they’re lost. But, I digress, please share your stories.

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