The word “Faith” has been reverberating in my heart for the last two weeks. I heard back from my agent the other week. She said I needed to work on the novel I submitted. Her remarks and advice were no different than what any editor or agent give another writer, but the blow fell especially hard. I had faith. I believed it would happen, so why didn’t it? I took two weeks off of writing. I pulled away from it for a while to heal. In that time, I worked on my website. I reread articles I had written on story, structure, and heart. In my review of the writing craft, I realized I had missed the single most important element of writing: the character’s yearning. My agent’s review was very positive. She adored the main character (something she has never said). She felt it was a very important story to tell, but my secondary characters were not believable. Faith. My father described faith as that act of sitting in a chair and believing it will hold you up. I disagree with him. It is more than that. Faith is having belief in the impossible and despite billions of logical reasons why it is impossible, faith compiles you to keep going. Flight was impossible. To land on the moon was impossible. To cure polio was impossible. There a a billion impossible things that have become possible, and they have become posible with faith. Faith is the belief that if I fail yet one more time, I will invent the incessant light. Faith is the belief that if I return to Kitty Hawk again I will lift this airplane into the sky. This morning, I need faith. I can’t tell you how many days I want to give up on writing. But faith, like Edison, faith like the Wright Brothers, whispers in my hear and says, “if only you will learn from your mistakes, and try yet again, you will achieve the impossible. You will find the light. You will fly. Only have faith.”

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