Dear Writer Dreamer:

I cannot stress this enough. Believe and dream and believe some more. And while we are believing, let us not be afraid of listening, learning, and changing. Evolving.

Painting with words requires insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We write over and over again and we submit to publishers and editors and agents again and again and expect that maybe, just maybe this might be the one.

And if we keep believing, there will come mentors. Kindness truly does abound in this world. There is great pain, but there is immeasurable kindness. Dear writer, we must look for the kindness in others and we must trust the kindness of others. Such kindness will be fresh water to our parched souls as we journey step by step over our deserts of waiting.

And never stop believing. Belief is like the spring. It can never be beaten. And even when an ice age has come and submerged your dream beneath an eternal winter—believe that one day that glacier will melt and you will emerge vibrant and alive. And though your face might be scared with deep trenches, and filled with eternal pools, know that the ice has remade you into an ever deeper and moving story.

I am in a time in my life where I must believe. Years pass, nothing happens, but belief is the magic that spreads over my hands and lifts them to paint words upon the page. And where does such magic live? Dear writer, in your heart. So take care of it. Nurture it, and there will be magic to believe.

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