What is the mystery of writing? How does a writer become successful? The formula is simple. Consistency+Time+Active Learning = success. I believe this. Yes, I know that I am not a successful writer. How presumptuous to say that I know how to be successful. This formula is not my own. It was given to me by two two time Newberry Award winners. One in particular claimed she wasn’t the best writer. But she was willing to work twice as hard as anyone else. Even her writing teacher would have to agree that her writing was awkward and messy. How did this person develop into one of the greatest children’s writers in modern history? She faithfully worked consistently over time. She never gave up. She learned and read and learned and read, and when the time was right, and opportunity knocked, she was ready to welcome her in, and success came overnight. She taught me “writers write”. Both Katherine Patterson and Kate DiCamillo taught me to have a consistent schedule. She taught me to set easy goals (two pages a day). They taught me that writing every day compounds into a skilled writer. They also taught me, that if we write with our heart, though sometimes we may lose our way, our heart will find a way to carry us through. The key is to not stop writing. And the key is to believe every day that these lonely hours of writing mean so much more than words filling a page. Indeed, we are blossoming one word by word.

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