On this morning I cannot help but believe, more and more, that there are indeed two very and equal parts of ourselves. Both my wife and I struggle with depression (me chronic – her medical), Now, I am finally accepting the need for mental care.

If our “beings” are equally mental and physical, then perhaps I should begin taking care of my mind. In one TED talk, the presenter spoke of human selves as identical twins. We often favor one twin over the other. How evil to believe that terrible phrase, “sticks may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Such a whimsy is a terrible lie. Sticks and stones do break bones, but hurtful words break mental bones.

When the mind is broken, it’s like a damaged computer hard-drive. So I put the question to the reader, which is more important to you, The computer hardware (the physical shell) or the hard drive and software(the mind)?

When the software doesn’t work, or is infected with a virus, the computer doesn’t work. So it is with the mind. We cannot access the mind (software) without using the physical (hardware). Both are equally important. If one dies, they both die. And if our human software is infected with a virus of wrongfully placed words or traumatic experiences, our physical body suffers deeply.

So what does this have to do with writing? The secret to good writing is accessing the mind. If there is a struggle with writing, as I am having today, it is most likely a mind block. And such a block (writer’s block) can disable the writer from actually physically writing. Therefore, we must strive to take care of that second part of ourselves. We must acknowledge the second twin may not be well, broken by verbal sticks and stones.



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