This morning I started writing again. It wasn’t that I meant to stop writing. I was/am waiting to hear back from agent and editor and, in the mean time, didn’t know what to do. Life got messy. Busy. Filled with other distractions. Mostly I slept in. I didn’t write. I’m writing now and settling back into my routine. As the picture indicates, my little girl once again heard me up in the early mornings and wanted to join her daddy. There are a million and one reasons to give up on this craft. But in this picture, I hope you can see my daughter’s coy smile. She knows she’s supposed to be sleeping. I’m glad she is next to me today, reading her books on the couch. She helps me not be so serious. She reminds me, today is a new day. She reminds me to live today with joy…. even if it’s at 5:30 in the morning.

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