I often wonder if what I’m writing is any good. You think that this should matter, but it doesn’t. Sometimes I write really bad, stupid stuff. But sometimes I write something that makes me smile or laugh out loud or cry. I work hard to suppress the voice in my head that says “I’m stupid,” “Everything you are, everything you write is stupid,” “Just give up,” I suppress those voices and write. Just like when I play with my daughter, I suppress the thoughts of how silly I am and just play. I dance. I sing silly songs. I dress up and read one of her favorite books. The point is not to try to write anything that is good. To point is to write, to live with all your heart, knowing that some will call you crazy, and some will think you need professional help. That is okay. Because to the child, you’ll know if you reached them. It is in their smile, their laugh, them snuggling up to you as you finish this morning post. Write as if no one is watching, and don’t worry if you are any good.

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