I’m sorry that I am not the most encouraging children’s writer. I fear that if some poor child were to ever read this they would think I am always sad. Lately I’ve noticed that I am always sad. Like Christopher Robin’s Eeyore, my tail keeps falling off and my house of sticks keeps falling down. I’ve been walking around with a rain cloud over my head … because I’m sad.

There are lots of things to be sad about. And would you believe me that I have tried to be happy? But no matter how hard I’ve tried to be happy I just couldn’t do it. Sometimes writers feel this way. Sometimes we feel lost, like we are stumbling around in a haunted house in the middle of the night. And when we can’t find a light we stop looking. We want to look, but we are so tired and afraid; and so we lay down, and don’t want to get up again.

Life is never easy and sometimes big things can make us sad. I have seen many children sad. I have seen them not look me in the eye when I passed them in the halls. I have seen, and I have heard of the great weight many of them carry.

Yes, I have known sad children.

And so I write this to say, that it is okay to be sad. But if you are sad too long, please don’t lie in the dark by yourself. Call, call for help. Ask for someone to bring you a light. Perhaps someone will hear you — offer you a hand. For as the day falls and we lose the light, so we should embrace even these nights and rest and sleep and patiently, yes patiently wait for the coming of the light.

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