Last night my 10-month-old daughter would not fall asleep. Heather looked at me and asked, “Could you go this time?” I paused our nightly internet show and went in to Lovie’s room. She was standing at her crib, crying. I picked her up, gave her some medicine for her sore, teething gums, and laid her back in her crib. She cried and tried to push herself back up, so I knelt, leaned over the crib rail and scratched her back and smoothed her hair. She stopped crying and laid there, one eye open making sure that this wasn’t a trick. I stayed by her crib until Wink’in, Blink’in, and Nod coaxed her little eye shut. I stayed there until and I heard her deep sleeping breaths. And I thought … this is what books are like. They are like mothers or fathers bending over our beds and soothing our weary, fretting minds into sweet sleep.

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