Lately, I have had many bad writing days, and many days like today when I didn’t want to get out of my bed. But, today, I think … I think I’m finally happy with this story. All those parts of the story the bugged me that I didn’t know how to fix, are fixed.

It’s the same but a different story. A closer story I hope. And it only took deleting 12,000 words of an already polished manuscript and then finding them again in a new way, not with my head, but with my heart.

I think of those writing instructors that have helped me with this book in graduate school, and all the little things they would say, things I didn’t have the ability or courage to write yet. Jane Resh Thomas said “more heart.” Jacqueline Briggs Martin said “more mystery.” Emily Lockhart said “more monsters.” Deborah Kovaks said, “more you.” And Jill Davis “More clarity.” In revision I found more heart, more mystery, more monsters, more of myself, and this led to a clearer story. I still got a month or two left on this revision. But most of the heavy lifting, I hope is done.

I close the computer on another day of writing. Time to eat some breakfast.

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