While I wait to start the third draft of my middle grade novel (Of Hamsters and Wizards), I’ve taken a step back to collaborate with an Comic Strip Artist friend. I’m beginning another early reader book, one for 2nd – 4th grade boys. I got up this morning afraid of the page. How do I write what about something so crazy and out there, especially when I feel it’s crazy? How do I build a world I really know nothing about? Answer? Start writing.

The first 300 or so words were terrible. It was my finding my way into the story, but eventually the story sprouted and a voice I had not even considered sprouted out of nowhere. The writing took off and the voice informed the details and the Point of View and guided the action along. Tomorrow I will write another 1,000. I’m excited to see where this story goes.

All I can secretively say is that this story is about a certain Mafia Don named Leo and a stolen Expresso Bean.

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