My computer is once again back in my hands and I have begun writing again. But that leads me to the purpose of this post.

Life often derails us. Things happen. We move, our relationships scream for our attention, we travel, or we are drowned beneath a pile of work and responsibility.

Where do we find time to write when life crashes all around you.

Do you want the answer?

You write. You write unconcerned about what you are writing is any good.

By doing this we keep our skills sharp. No athlete can expect to compete without constant practice. The same is true for the writer. When we write often, our story or word stays fresh in our heads. And the mental soldiers we deploy to vanquish our inner critic (that voice that tells us our writing stinks) stay ready for battle.

In short, when it seems you can’t write, write.

And when the storm has passed, you will return to your work a stronger and better writer than before.


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